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Draftsman (chapter1).

Finally! First chapter is ready. I always liked comics. Reading them, I really thought that the real heroes are those who write and draw them. The idea was born when I was a child, over 10 years ago I started to draw and only now I colouring in my free time. This is only the first chapter and the whole has 100 pages.

Thank you to everyone who helped and supported me in creating this comic!

Short description:

Draftsman, Rayner Negri learns that he is the guardian of the „Gate of World’s Balance", the border between the real world and fantasy and imagination. He must find eight "Quills of Glory" that are the key to her, face the Indescribable and face his alter ego.

I hope you like it and I can count on your support in its further implementation.

Best regards

Tom Wlod

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